We offer authentic Japanese Sushi, Creative Original Rolls, Japanese Noodles and More. Our Steakhouse offers high quality Steak, Seafood, Sushi and Yakiniku. Located in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, we are supported by local loyal fans who we strive to make satisfied as possible every visit. As a result, we have four restaurants in three well known cities: Lake Forest, Highland Park, and Vernon Hills.
  • New restaurant

    We have now opened a fourth restaurant, Niku Niku Toyo, specializing in Steak and Yakiniku in Lake Forest, near Sushi Kushi Toyo. Our menus are exciting and we strive to provide with an enjoyable experience. We serve not only Steak and Yakiniku, but also fresh sushi which you must try. Please visit and enjoy our new restaurant and patio!

  • New Website

    We have group website now